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Newardine culture is strictly ordered and deviation from that order is unacceptable. If one is to believe newardine scholars, the newardine culture is virtually un-changed from when the first newardins came to Aetaltis.

If you're unfamiliar with the rules for Aetaltan Cultures, you...

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Orogs came to Aetaltis with the Atlan Alliance to serve as the fist of the Alliance military machine. These enormous brutes are strong enough to go head to head with a troll and tough enough to survive all but the most...

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The following is a gamer’s introduction to the fantasy races available for play in a World of Aetaltis campaign. We'll share detailed information about the races and their...

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Concept Art for the Scythaa (Art by Mitchell Malloy)

The quick and cunning race of reptilians known as the scythaa are yet another victim shaped by the destruction wrought during the Great War. Inheritors of a...

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Join Eathen Winswood, the young scholar who features prominently in the HEROES OF THORNWALL campaign starter book, on his first adventure!

Evidence mounts that something is terribly wrong at the island monastery in this second installment of our story.

In our final installment, Eathen discovers the Secret of the Holy Crystal—and a world of trouble, too!

The small, childlike fey known as sprites are as wild as the wind and twice as changeable. Their emotions run close to the surface and they are driven by their passions. They have an arcane bond with wild creatures and...

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Wastelanders are nomads from the Scythaan Wastes, a blazing desert that lies south of the Scythaan Wall. What is best for the tribe is the only law they loyally follow, whether among their own kind...

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