A New Monster for the Pathfinder RPG

Beware the daggerjaw, a lone hunter that prowls the plains south of Port Vale.

The daggerjaw is a lone hunter that prowls the plains south of Port Vale. Its preferred prey is the armored reaper, a large creature with a tough, armored hide but a soft underbelly. The armored reaper hunkers down when threatened creating a nearly impenetrable defense. The daggerjaw, however, slides the boney, dagger-like protrusions on its jaw (it’s “daggers”) under the edge of the armored reaper’s shell and uses its powerful neck muscles to flip the animal over. Before the reaper can right itself, the daggerjaw pounces. With a few swipes of its terrible claws across the soft underbelly, the daggerjaw disembowels the unfortunate creature. Once the reaper is killed, the daggerjaw uses its daggers to dig out the soft meat inside.

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