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Welcome to the World of Aetaltis!

The World of Aetaltis is a bold new land of fantasy adventure for the Fifth Edition (5E) of the world’s best known roleplaying game!

It is unlike anything you’ve seen before and yet it’s a world where you’ll immediately feel at home! Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran adventurer, it’s the world you’ve been waiting for!

  • 11 Lineages: Play a flighty fairy, a towering orog, a saurian scythaa, a merciless drothmal, a clever cheebat, an enigmatic newardin, or a scintillating sprite. Or choose from one of your favorites, including elves, dwarves, humans, and halflings.
  • 9 Callings: Define what drives your character to fight the forces of darkness by selecting one of 9 Callings, a new background option unique to Aetaltis!
  • 15 Cultures: Create a rich origin story for your character by selecting from 15 unique Cultures. Are your the an elf raised in a dwarven stronghold? An orog brought up among the cheebat? The choices are yours to make!
  • Point Based Magic: Experience the power and peril of the skill driven, point-based arcane spellcasting system. Push yourself beyond your natural limits, tap ley lines, and even cast spells above your safe level.
  • New Rules for Corruption: Fight for your immortal soul against the powers of darkness as the new corruption rules threaten your very being.
  • New Class—The Mountebank: Join the adventure as a dashing Mountebank, a new class that uses deception, wits, and cunning to slice their way through the world.
  • 12 New Divine Domains: Clerics choose from a dozen unique divine domains, each shaped to the power of a different god and offering a distinctive gaming experience.
  • Real World Medieval Prices: Experience a realistic economic system based on real prices from Europe during the late 13th and early 14th centuries.
  • PLUS dark magic, essence wells, goodwill and resolve systems, more than 30 monsters, new backgrounds, rules for rooms and buildings, expanded trap and poison rules, a haunting system, and more!
The 11 playable lineages of Aetaltis.

One of the coolest, most gorgeous things I’ve seen in worldbuilding in a long time.”

Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms

Plus the entire setting is wrapped in a rich story you won’t be able to get enough of:

  • The Wards are Failing: After a thousand years, the ancient wards designed to hold the forces of darkness at bay are failing putting everyone and everything you love at risk!
  • Liberate Your Homeland: Dwarven zealots engage in a brutal guerrilla war to retake their lost Deepland homes from a seemingly unstoppable horde of monsters.
  • Off-world Explorers: Humans lead an alliance of races from another world who were trapped on Aetaltis after the cataclysmic collapse of the arcane world gates that brought them there.
  • Scars of the Past: Explore the deadly magical forests of the Elliyen Wilds, the consequence of a mad elven queen’s failed bid for divinity. Clamber through the chaos soaked ruins of Old Erinor, a place where the ghosts of the dead are literally trapped in time. Unlock the secrets of the bizarre, plant enshrouded ruins hidden in the depths of the Zhamayen Jungle.
  • Plus a thousand more tales, stories, and adventure hooks to inspire your epic campaigns.

My favorite world since 2E Forgotten Realms!

Elaine Cunningham, author of more than dozen Forgotten Realms novels

Latest News

World of Aetaltis: Player’s Guide

The World of Aetaltis: Player’s Guide includes everything you need to make a character for a World of Aetaltis game, as well as the Aetaltis rules you’ll need at the table over the course of your adventures! Inside, you’ll find:

  • Seven New Lineages (Plus All Your Old Favorites): Play one of the seven new Aetaltan lineages, including cheebats, drothmals, fairies, newardin, orogs, scythaa, and sprites. Or choose from your old favorites, such as humans, dwarves, elves, and halflings.
  • Cultures, Callings, and Finishing Touches: Add richness and depth to your adventurer with new character creation options. Choose from fifteen unique Aetaltan cultures, nine different callings, and a wealth of options for fleshing out your character’s history.
  • Heroic Character Classes: Everything you need to know to play your favorite classes in an Aetaltis adventure, plus the new Mountebank class.
  • New Point-Based Magic System: Discover the secrets of glyph magic, an exciting new system for point-based arcane spellcasting. Draw on the power of ley lines, charge your essence stones, and cast spells directly from newly recovered spellbooks. But beware! Roll a 1 and you face potential disaster with catastrophic spell failure!
  • And Much More: All of the great content described above, plus a dozen new divine domains, nine new backgrounds, new spells, and over twenty pages of equipment with a revised pricing system based on real 13th century European prices!

So grab your blade and spellbook, gather your most courageous companions, and get ready to start your adventure in the World of Aetaltis! And for even more adventure, check out the entire line of World of Aetaltis books,

New Releases

Gamemaster’s Guide

The World of Aetaltis: Gamemasters Guide contains everything a gamemaster needs to turn their Fifth Edition World of Aetaltis games into legendary campaigns. It’s the third in the series of World of Aetaltis core books, along with the World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide and the World of Aetaltis: Player’s Guide.

Adventurer’s Guide

The World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide is a book of wonders originally commissioned by none other than High Lord Drakewyn of Agthor himself and assembled by a dedicated team of veteran scholars from the Royal College of New Erinor. They created this landmark work to aid novice adventurers as they set out to fight the forces of darkness and build their legends.