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The Forgotten Gate Awaits

A New World of Adventure

The ward on the gate to a forgotten Deepland hall has failed, leaving the surrounding countryside defenseless against the hordes of endrori ready to attack from the caverns below. It is up to you and your stalwart companions to fight your way to the ancient gate, defeat the dark and terrible creatures that block your path, and protect the elderly Warder of Alantra, whose divine magic can seal the forgotten gate.

The Forgotten Gate is a short, action-packed adventure for 4-5 1st level characters and designed for use with the Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. The adventure takes place in the Scir of Dunbury, part of the World of Aetaltis setting, but it is easily inserted into any traditional fantasy roleplaying campaign.

So grab your blade and spellbook, gather your most courageous companions, and get ready to start your adventure in the World of Aetaltis! And for even more adventure, check out the entire line of World of Aetaltis books.


Here’s a sample of what awaits you inside…

Player's Guide Sample Page