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Welcome Adventurers!

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Join Aetaltan League of Adventurers Today

Welcome to the Aetaltan League of Adventurers, a special program where you can earn experience points, get cool prizes, and acquire heroic bragging rights, all while helping us to get the word out about Aetaltis.

What The Heck Is This?

You’re probably wondering what this crazy “League of Adventurers” thing is all about and why we’re doing it. It began like this: the number one comment we get from people about Aetaltis is “I love this, but I had no idea it existed!” We’re not surprised. In today’s online world there is so much content competing for our attention, it’s nearly impossible to get people to see anything new. Unfortunately, if people don’t find our stuff, we can’t keep making it. That’s where the League comes in! As a member of the League, you’ll help people discover Aetaltis, which in turn ensures that we can continue to provide you with a steady stream of new Aetaltis content. You’ll also get cool benefits while earning experience points in a real life adventure game!

We’re Not Just Selling Books

Mechanical Muse is aiming to do more than just sell books. Our mission is to make as much awesome stuff as we can while paying all the creative people involved a fair, living wage. Many of your favorite artists, writers, and game designers struggle to earn a living wage. We want to change that while creating cool stuff for you at the same time. You’ll notice I didn’t mention “profits.” Any money we make beyond our expenses goes right back into creating more and better stuff. The more money we make, the more projects we kick off, and the more creative people we pay a fair, living wage to. We believe in these ideals so completely that we posted our charter right on our site. We encourage you to check it out!

How the Game Works

The Aetaltan League of Adventurers works just like a roleplaying game. For each task you complete (we call them quests), you get experience points. When you get enough experience points you level up. When you level up, you get cool stuff!

Download the Rules