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Character Sheets

Download a variety of character sheets to support your 5th Edition World of Aetaltis campaign.

  • One Shot Sheets are a simple one page good for running your first 1st Level game or a one shot of any kind.
  • Campaign Sheets are for your campaign characters. You can add the additional spell/info sheets as needed.
  • Fillable Sheets are included with both downloads.

Iconic Heroes

Download character sheets for some of the most iconic heroes of Aetaltis!

Davros Aranare (Human 9th Level Wizard)

Yysnag Ussa (Scythaa 6th Level Rogue/3rd Level Cleric)

Raynall Ellynas (9th Level Elf Ranger)

Fezelnaff (9th Level Cheebat Rogue)

Ulmor Rueskett (9th Level Dwarf Fighter)

Tyrisk Bloodkeeper (9th Level Drothmal Cleric/Barbarian)