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  • A New World of Adventure Awaits
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  • A Time of Hope, An Age of Heroes
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World of Aetaltis Books

Join the Ranks of the Heroes

It is a time of hope, it is an age of heroes.

More than three hundred years have passed since the fall of the Atlan Alliance, and the people of Aetaltis have finally brought order to their fractured world. Fledgling nations have grown into powerful kingdoms, thriving merchant states have re-established old trade routes, and the priests of the Enaros have rebuilt their great temples. But in this time of hope, the shadow of an ancient evil is rising once again.

Deep beneath the surface of Aetaltis lurk the armies of the fallen god Endroren. For centuries, an order of holy knights known as the Warders of Alantra maintained powerful mystic seals that held the forces of darkness at bay. But when the Alliance fell, so did many of the ancient orders—including the Warders. Now, after centuries of neglect, the wards are failing and the dark ones have returned.

For the first time since the Age of Darkness, orcs, goblins, trolls, and a host of other fiendish monsters threaten the good people of the world. They strike with unrestrained cruelty; attacking, killing, and destroying all that lies before them. The recently reborn holy orders have combined their divine strength with the temporal power of the new kingdoms to face this growing threat, but the dark ones are many and the defenders are few.

But there is hope!

Lord Drakewyn of Agthor has called upon the brave men and women of his land to take up arms against their common foe. In response, a small army of heroes, known as adventurers, has joined the struggle. These stalwart men and women fight the battles ordinary soldiers cannot fight, go where the holy orders dare not go, and serve as beacons of hope in a world growing darker with each passing day. From hardened dwarven warriors to crafty cheebatan rogues, from fleet-footed fey scouts to mysterious Selenthean mages, these brave souls offer what may ultimately prove the only salvation for this troubled land.

A hero faces the forces of darkness.

A New Campaign Setting for Fifth Edition

The World of Aetaltis takes everything you've ever loved about fantasy, revamps it for the modern world of gaming, and turns the whole thing up to eleven. Aetaltis delivers all the classic elements of fantasy you'll instantly recognize but presented in a way that gets you excited it like it's your first time! 

In Aetaltis, you and your friends will explore a fantastic new world of adventure where:

  • Dwarven zealots engage in a brutal guerrilla war to retake their lost Deepland homes from a seemingly unstoppable horde of monsters.
  • Humans lead an alliance of races from another world who were trapped on Aetaltis after the cataclysmic collapse of the arcane world gates that brought them there.
  • Magic is as terrifying as it is powerful, requiring spellcasters to take exceptional care or risk losing control of the supernatural powers at their command.
  • Feline faced Drothmal barbarians from the Icebound Plains wade into battle with wild, terrifying abandon, reveling in every wound they take as a blessing from the God of Trial.
  • The spirits of the fey are so deeply entwined with the power of magic, that it causes these otherworldly beings to take on myriad physical forms, from elves to sprites to fairies.
  • Ten-foot tall orog mercenaries wage an endless war against both enemies on the battlefield and the darkness within their own spirits.

You are the heroes of a new age—a spark of hope in a land where danger and the forces of darkness assail you on every front. You are stalwart warriors, clever wizards, pious priests, and crafty rogues; daring adventurers who aren't waiting for some great king or a distant god to rescue them. You're taking matters into your own hands and bringing the fight to the enemy! 

Seven New Races

Discover seven unique Aetaltan races for your Fifth Edition campaign, plus a fresh look at the classics.

Richer Backgrounds

Enrich your character's backstory with the addition of rules for choosing a culture and occupation. 

Hordes of Monsters

Challenge your players with a menagerie of new Aetaltan monsters along with rich new origins for your old favorites.

Point-Based Magic

Enhance the wonder (and inherent danger) of magic with the unique Aetaltis point-based magic system.


Journey to the World of Aetaltis Today

The World of Aetaltis

Discover the recently completed Kickstarter that is bringing the World of Aetaltis to your Fifth Edition campaign.



Heroes of Thornwall

Experience the Pathfinder compatible campaign starter that provided the first glimpse of the World of Aetaltis.



Champions of Aetaltis

Seventeen pulse-pounding tales of heroic Aetaltan adventure written by your favorite fantasy authors.



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