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World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide

Discover a World of Adventure!

The World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide is a book of wonders originally commissioned by none other than High Lord Drakewyn of Agthor himself and assembled by a dedicated team of veteran scholars from the Royal College of New Erinor. They created this landmark work to aid novice adventurers as they set out to fight the forces of darkness and build their legends.

In this reproduction of that invaluable text, you’ll discover:

  • A Complete History of the World: Discover the marvelous history of Aetaltis. From the creation of the enari, to Endroren’s tragic fall, to the momentous first arrival of the Atlan Alliance, you’ll unlock the myriad secrets of Aetaltis’s past.
  • Adventuring in Civilized Lands: Delve into detailed descriptions of the Amethyst Sea basin’s great powers and know you will not go unprepared when your quests take you to strange and distant countries.
  • Adventuring in the Wilds: Venture forewarned into the wild places of the world thanks to rich examinations of the best-known Aetaltan outlands, from the essence-soaked forests of the Elliyen Wilds to endrori-infested Deeplands.
  • Forces of Darkness: Cringe as you read frank descriptions of the horrors that await when you plunge into enemy territory to face the monsters, miscreants, and villains that threaten the good people of the world.
  • Metaphysical Wonders: Unlock the secrets of the cosmos as you learn the metaphysics behind the power of magic, the truth about death and the afterlife, and the secrets of the stars.
  • Expert Commentary: Find wisdom in sage advice from a bevy of expert commentators, whose insights, hints, and guidance appear throughout the book!

The World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide is a detailed in-character guide to the World of Aetaltis campaign setting, an amazing new game world designed for use with the Fifth Edition of the world’s best-known roleplaying game. In Aetaltis, you’ll unlock a setting that rekindles the fire of classic heroic fantasy game worlds. It’s everything that made fantasy RPGs such an incredible phenomenon, reimagined and refreshed for today’s gamers.