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Marc Tassin

A Statement on AI from Mechanical Muse

One of the founding principles of Mechanical Muse is our unwavering support for the people that create the books, games, and art we all love. We embrace and defend the simple truth that creative contributors deserve livable wages, fair contracts, and professional treatment. To this end, Mechanical Muse does not and will not use AI generated content or content derived from AI generated sources in any of our products or creations. Furthermore, we are updating… Read More »A Statement on AI from Mechanical Muse

Escape the Deeplands Scores!

The scores for the 2022 Convention Event: Escape the Deeplands are up! Head over to the conventions page to check them out and see a slideshow of the amazing adventuring party’s team pictures! And as always, thank you to everyone that gamed with us this year! Check Out the Scores Here

Guardians of Agthor – Kickstarter is Live!

Our next Kickstarter launched on May 31st! GUARDIANS OF AGTHOR is an amazing fantasy adventure setting filled with new monsters, NPCs, class archetypes, and more for your Fifth Edition role-playing game. Guardians of Agthor takes a new approach to presenting 5E RPG adventure settings. It’s a treasure chest of valuable allies, powerful enemies, exciting locations for exploration and adventure, and new rules to enhance your Fifth Edition game. You can flip open to any page… Read More »Guardians of Agthor – Kickstarter is Live!

Mechanical Muse Magazine Preview

Do you miss the classic gamer magazines like Dragon as much as we do? Well, we’ve got a plan, and we need your help! What’s the Plan? Mechanical Muse is creating a modern-day incarnation of the old gamer magazines everyone loved. You can subscribe via Patreon and every week we’ll release new content for you online AND at the end of the month, all the content is compiled into PDF version with full layout. Eventually,… Read More »Mechanical Muse Magazine Preview

World of Aetaltis Patreon is Live!

Come along with us as we create a treasure trove of content for fans of tabletop roleplaying games! With your support, we’ll create new monsters, equipment, and rules for use with the Fifth Edition of the world’s best-known roleplaying game. You’ll also make it possible for us to deliver new setting material for the World of Aetaltis campaign setting, including people, adventure sites, and lore. Plus, we’ll throw in the extra stuff that gamers like us… Read More »World of Aetaltis Patreon is Live!

The Forgotten Gate Awaits

The ward on the gate to a forgotten Deepland hall has failed, leaving the surrounding countryside defenseless against the hordes of endrori ready to attack from the caverns below. It is up to you and your stalwart companions to fight your way to the ancient gate, defeat the dark and terrible creatures that block your path, and protect the elderly Warder of Alantra, whose divine magic can seal the forgotten gate. The Forgotten Gate is a… Read More »The Forgotten Gate Awaits

Cyber Monday Sale

Get an amazing deal on the World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide and the Champions of Aetaltis anthology! With these two amazing titles you can dive head first into your discovery of Aetaltis, the fantasy game world you’ve been waiting for. Click here to get the World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide Click here to get Champions of Aetaltis

World of Aetaltis

World of Aetaltis PDF Bundle

We’re excited to announce a new World of Aetaltis book bundle, now available on DriveThruRPG! The bundle contains all six World of Aetaltis books available today, including: World of Aetaltis: Player’s Guide World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide World of Aetaltis: Gamemaster’s Guide Heroes of Thornwall Defenders of Dunbury Castle Champions of Aetaltis The best part is you’ll save $35 off the normal price for this package of incredible PDF titles! Hop over to DriveThruRPG to… Read More »World of Aetaltis PDF Bundle