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Who is Mechanical Muse?

We are a collection of unique and inspired professionals from around the world.  Founded out of Dexter, Michigan in 2015, Mechanical Muse supports numerous projects and events while publishing original material such as the fantasy setting, The World of Aetaltis.

We love roleplaying games! Like REALLY love them. We’re also all huge fans of all things fantasy and science fiction, from D&D to Tolkein to Star Wars and beyond!

But we’re more than that. We’re writers, artists, game designers, and editors. We’ve written science fiction and fantasy for companies like DAW Books, written and edited for roleplaying games like Shadowrun, crafted articles for Dragon Magazine, created art for games like Magic the Gathering, and produced cover designs for best-selling authors like Terry Brooks, Brad Beaulieu, Anthony Ryan, and Brian McClellan.

What we want more than anything is to use our skills and experience to bring an amazing universe of adventure to you. We want to craft a universe that will awe and inspire you, that will make you laugh and cry, and most importantly, that will make you believe in heroes again. (If you’re like us, you’ll probably agree—the world could use a few more heroes.)

This is our passion and our purpose, and we can’t wait to share it with you.  

Mechanical Muse Seat of Power

Dexter, Michigan – United States