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Conventions and Events

Each year we create new adventures to run at conventions. We premiere these adventures in Oct/Nov at U-Con in Michigan and run them throughout the year at events like Origins and Gen Con!

Escape the Deeplands Scores

Our 2022 adventure was called Escape the Deeplands. A group of adventurers find themselves trapped in the Deeplands and must somehow reach the surface before our two-hour game session ends! Over the course of the adventure, I give each of the teams scores using a completely subjective, largely unfair, and frankly, ridiculous scoring system. Below are the scores for our teams this year! Note that everyone’s scores were VERY close – these were a bunch of amazing games!

PlatinumTeam 1U-Con• Definitely lots of awesome stuff!1000 points because I lost their scores after the con!
PlatinumTeam 2U-Con• Even more awesome stuff!1000 points because I lost their scores after the con!
GoldTeam 10Gen ConSat @ 3 PM• Lords of Chaos
• Invisible Orog
• Umberhulk Riders
539 pts
GoldTeam 5OriginsSat @ 10 AM• Troll Killers
• Heroic Champions
• Puddle of Melted Dwarf
• Deathwish
539 pts
ElectrumHeroic Resolve (H.R.)OriginsFri @ 10• Deal with the Devil
• Self-Immolation Award
• Kill Them All and Let the Enaros Sort Them out
• Roleplay Award
535 pts
ElectrumTeam 8Gen ConFri @ 3 PM• War Heroes
• Blanket Warriors
• Alchemist’s Pal
• Death by Boat
535 pts
ElectrumTeam ThockatriceGen ConThu @ 7 PM• Victory by Annoyance
• Edge of Disaster
• War Heroes
• Endroren’s Thrall
535 pts
SilverTeam 3OriginsThu @ 10 AM• Cosplay Award
• Bring Your Own Mini
• Break the Mold
• Pacifists
532 pts
SilverTeam 6OriginsSat @ 10 AM• Instruments of Destruction
• Wrecking Crew
• War Heroes
• Breaker of Chains
532 pts
SilverTeam 9Gen ConSat @ 9 AM• Gibbering Troll Food
• Battlefield Miracle
• No Charisma? No Problem!
• Last Minute Victory
532 pts
SilverTeam 11Gen ConSat @ 7 PM• Alchemical Romance
• Army of Droth
• Ork Psychotherapy
• Sneakiest Dwarf
532 pts

Pre-Generated Characters

We always provide pre-generated characters for our events, and we bring printed copies for all the players. If you want to get a look at the characters in advance, you can download them below!

Online Events

For online events, we’ll often use the Mechanical Muse Discord server for dice rolling. Click Here to join the Discord server, navigate to the #escape-from-the-deeplands channel.