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World of Aetaltis: Gamemaster’s Guide

Level Up your Aetaltis Adventures!

The World of Aetaltis: Gamemasters Guide contains everything a gamemaster needs to turn their Fifth Edition World of Aetaltis games into legendary campaigns. It’s the third in the series of World of Aetaltis core books, along with the World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide and the World of Aetaltis: Player’s Guide.

Inside this book you’ll find:

  • Secret Gamemaster Info: An accurate timeline covering thousands of years of Aetaltis history, a geographically accurate version of the setting map, and a host of other secrets.
  • Minions and Monsters: Fifth Edition stats for more than 50 new Aetaltan monsters and NPCs.
  • Expanded Rules: Revised rules for diseases, poisons, NPC attitudes, and traps.
  • New Options: Brand new Fifth Edition rules for hauntings, magical corruption, goodwill, character resolve, skill specializations, investments, and more.
  • Forbidden Magic: A suite of new options for NPC spellcasters, including rules for dark magic, etiquette for entreating Endroren, and guidelines for the powers of evil clerics.
  • Divine Intervention: Complete rules for tracking characters’ favor and disfavor with the gods, plus an introduction to Divine Inspiration Cards, a system that lets players add to the story by roleplaying the gods.
  • A Toolbox of Wonders: Plus, information and rules concerning magical baubles, art objects, counterfeiting and coin clipping, building and room quality, the effects of aging, and much, much more!

This book is designed for use with the other two World of Aetaltis core books, but the new rules, monsters, and options it contains can be used in any Fifth Edition game.

The World of Aetaltis campaign setting is an amazing new game world designed for use with the Fifth Edition of the world’s best-known roleplaying game. In Aetaltis, you’ll unlock a setting that rekindles the fire of classic heroic fantasy game worlds. It’s everything that made fantasy RPGs such an incredible phenomenon, reimagined and refreshed for today’s gamers.