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5e Campaign Sheets PDFs Available

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One shot and campaign sheets are now available in PDF format for download. One Shot Sheets are a simple one page good for running your first 1st Level game or a one-shot of any kind. Campaign Sheets are for your campaign characters. You can add the additional spell/info sheets as needed. Fillable Sheets are included with both downloads,

World of Aetaltis PDFs Now Available!

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The World of Aetaltis campaign setting is an amazing new game world designed for use with the Fifth Edition of the world’s best-known roleplaying game. In Aetaltis, you’ll unlock a setting that rekindles the fire of classic heroic fantasy game worlds. It’s everything that made fantasy RPGs such an incredible phenomenon, reimagined and refreshed for today’s gamers. PDFs are now available on for purchase. Physical copies will be available for purchase this fall.