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World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide

Discover a World of Adventure!

The Adventurer’s Guide is a book of wonders originally commissioned by none other than High Lord Drakewyn of Agthor himself and assembled by a dedicated team of veteran scholars from the Royal College of New Erinor. They created this landmark work to aid novice adventurers as they set out to fight the forces of darkness and build their legends.

World of Aetaltis: Player’s Guide

A New World of Adventure…

The World of Aetaltis: Player’s Guide includes everything you need to make a character for a World of Aetaltis game, as well as the Aetaltis rules you’ll need at the table over the course of your adventures! Inside, you’ll find:

World of Aetaltis: Gamemaster’s Guide

Level Up your Aetaltis Adventure!

The World of Aetaltis: Gamemasters Guide contains everything a gamemaster needs to turn their Fifth Edition World of Aetaltis games into legendary campaigns. It’s the third in the series of World of Aetaltis core books, along with the World of Aetaltis: Adventurer’s Guide and the World of Aetaltis: Player’s Guide.

Heroes of Thornwall

Adventure Calls! Will You Answer?

Goblins are loose in the hills surrounding the town of Thornwall, and Mayor Hayward has learned that no reinforcements are coming from Dunbury Castle. You and your intrepid band of heroes are the only hope for this harried hamlet. If you cannot defeat the goblins and seal whatever Deepland hole they crawled from, Thornwall is doomed!

Defenders of Dunbury Castle

Evil Threatens the Borderlands!

Dunbury Castle is threatened by a rising tide of darkness. Bandits stalk the roads, pirates raid boats along the riverways, and the power-hungry Warden Balewick seeks to seize control of the duchy in his mad lust for power. But an even greater threat looms: endrori and other dark creatures are creeping out of the Deeplands, and the sightings grow more frequent every day.

Defenders of Dunbury Castle is a complete adventure setting for your Fifth Edition game. It’s the perfect base of operations for the adventuring party as they make forays into the monster-infested wilderness that lies beyond the castle’s walls. It includes everything a gamemaster needs to support a multi-adventure World of Aetaltis campaign.

Champions of Aetaltis

Discover a new world of adventure in this collection of pulse-pounding stories written by some of the greatest fantasy authors alive set in the World of Aetaltis campaign setting. From the vine enshrouded ruins of a lost jungle temple to the seedy back alleys of the villainous city of Port Vale, experience the thrill of heroic fantasy with these gripping tales of action and adventure.