Aetaltis Kickstarter

The Temple of Modren Kickstarter has Launched!

UPDATE: We achieved our initial funding in just two days! Help keep the momentum going and we can accomplish something amazing! Spread the word and pledge today!

The core product you'll receive when you back this campaign is The Temple of Modren, a Pathfinder Compatible adventure set in the world of Aetaltis with maps by Mike Schley and illustrations by Mitchell Malloy and the team at Universe M. Edited by veteran game designer Steven S. Long, this exciting journey into the monster infested ruins of the Deeplands provides a hands-on introduction to the world of Aetaltis. Put sword, spell, and spirit to the test as you explore this fantastic new setting.

And The Temple of Modren is just the beginning!

A host of amazing authors have agreed to help bring the world of Aetaltis to life! Larry CorreiaDavid FarlandMatt ForbeckEd GreenwoodDave GrossJohn HelfersSteven S. LongMel OdomJean RabeLucy A. SnyderMichael A. Stackpole,  and Elizabeth Vaughan have all agreed to support this project by writing short stories for you set in the world of Aetaltis!

And of course there’s art! We’re honored to announce that legendary fantasy artist Larry Elmore has agreed to create a new piece for the cover of one of the books offered in this Kickstarter. 

Plus there are maps, original art pieces from the books, one-of-a-kind hand-drawn sketchcards, and more. You have the chance to get it all when you make your pledge.